Prathamik Shikshak Co-Op Bank LTD Kolhapur

The district of Satara has achieved a unique place in this regards, in Maharashtra. To educate the common man, Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil continued or started a battle, for education and knowledge and to fulfil it, He established first high school at Kale Tal: Karad Dist: Satara, on 4th Oct. 1919. And by this he brought out a comprehensive and vital change in society, especially in religious historical, social, co-operative fields etc. Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil planted this stem at Kale but now the same stem has been transformed into a big, tall and mighty tree. The branches of this mighty tree have covered almost in 14 districts of Maharashtra and in one of Karnataka state.

Karmveer Anna strongly condemned slavery and relying on others for all. In the field of education and knowledge, he successfully carried on one experiment- education through self help. He was of the opinion that every Rayat employee should become self-reliant and independent. To help the Rayat employees economically and to give them well settlement in society, even in hard times, he laid the foundation stone of ‘The Rayat Sevak Cooperative Credit Society’ on 16 Aug. 1940 for their welfare. And in this way, Anna stepped in to co-operative realm.

In 1940, The Rayat Sevak Co-operative Credit Society had a petty capital of Rs. 400/-. But in 1969 it came into light as The ‘Rayat Sevak Cooperative Bank’ with magnanimity. During the period of 60 years this Rayat Sevak Co-operative Bank has achieved a marvellous progress and reacted the peak of glory. Really it is a rare example in the history of civil co-operative banks.

# Branches Established Date
1 Satara [Main Branch] 16-08-1940
2 Aundhgaon Pune 12-09-1986
3 Ahmadnagar 28-12-1983
4 Sangali 12-09-1986
5 Pandharpur 26-12-1993
6 Kopargaon 03-12-1993
7 Vashi -New Bombay 03-12-1993
8 Baramati 03-12-1993
9 Vita 03-12-1993
10 Sadarbazar- Satara 07-01-1994
11 Karmaveer Samadhi Parisar Satara 16-08-1940
12 Shivaji college Satara 12-01-1996
13 Dahiwadi 12-01-1996
14 Manchar 12-01-1996
15 Shrirampur 12-01-1996
16 Karad 12-01-1996
17 Kaijat 16-06-1997
18 Kolhapur 26-05-1997
19 Aadgao- Nashik 01-01-2000
20 Lonand 21-04-1999
21 Hadapsar 26-03-2000
22 DR Center  

Table shows that The Rayat Sevak Co-operative Bank Ltd; Satara established in the year 1940 in Sadar Bazar Satara and Karmveer Samadhi Parisar Satara. Upto 1983 bank has no any branch but to face rising response, bank has opened it first branch on 28th Dec. 1983 in Ahmadnagar.Then after 3 years Bank has opened two branches in Aundhgaon Pune and Sangli on 12th Sep. 1986. Then after 3 years bank has opened 5 branches in Pandharpur, Kopargaon, Vashi- New Bombay, Baramati and Viata on 3 December 1993. In 1994 7th June, the bank has opened new branch at Sadarbazar Satara.

The management found that existing branches inadequate to assist it decided to open some new branches. And in this way the management lifted up the more of expansion and opened 5 branches in Shivaji College Satara, Dahiwadi, Manchar, Shrirampur and Karad at 12th Jan 1996. In the year 97 the bank has opened 2 branches at in Kaijat on 16th June 1997 and in Kolhapur on 26th May 1997. After 2 years bank has opened a branch in Lonand on 21st April 1999. In 2000 Rayat Sevak Co-operative Bank Ltd. Satara opened 2 branches in Aadgao Nashik on 1st June 2000 and Hadapsar on 26th March 2000.